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The Alamo, originally a Spanish mission, is famous for its pivotal role in the Texas Revolution.  In December 1835, Texian and Tejano forces ousted Mexican troops stationed in the building, which had been converted into a fortified military post.  Just months later, Santa Anna's powerful Mexican army marched on San Antonio.  Convinced of the Alamo's importance to Texan liberty, the defenders determined to fight to the last.  A band of almost 200 men, among them Jim Bowie and David Crockett, battled to hold the outpost against Santa Anna's forces.  They eventually gave their lives in the defense of Texas as the Mexicans took the fortress on March 6, 1836.  The Alamo stands today as a symbol of heroism in the defense of freedom.

The Alamo - San Antonio Texas
The Alamo — San Antonio, Texas

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The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas - Features an overview of the Alamo's history and construction.

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