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Grand Teton National Park


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Grand Teton National Park, located in northwestern Wyoming just south of Yellowstone, was originally established in 1929.  Its boundaries originally included the mountains and lakes at their base.  In 1950, it was expanded to include much of the surrounding valley.  This 96,000-acre national park features breathtaking scenery:  twelve jagged mountains soar over a broad valley of muted green meadows, aspen and evergreen forests, and glacial lakes.  Grand Teton is the tallest of the peaks, at 13,770 feet.  Nearly 4 million vacationers visit annually for river rafting, hiking, rappelling, biking, boating, fishing, and horseback riding.  Popular winter sports here include skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park

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Grand Teton National Park