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Sedona, Arizona, is only about 130 miles from Phoenix.  What started as a small ranching and farming settlement that was known for its apples, is now an area that has become a haven for contemporary and traditional artists, and retirees.  Sedona has a rugged beauty that has attracted these artists.  The surrounding countryside contains the Red Rocks region, a beautiful area of reddish-orange sandstone formations.  The rising or setting sun makes these formations appear to glow, and tourists have poured in to see them, sometimes via guided tour buses.  These unusual rocks, which contrast with the backdrop of surrounding forests, are found only in Sedona.  The town of Sedona also offers upscale boutiques, galleries, and other specialty shops.  Restaurants and lodging facilities are widely available in the area.

Sedona Arizona
Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona Arizona