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Oregon facts and history plus travel and tourism information.

Capital: Salem
Abbreviations: OR (postal), Ore., Oreg.
Area: 97,132 square miles
State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Tree: Douglas Fir
State Flower: Oregon Grape
State Motto: Alis Volat Propriis - She flies with her own wings
Nickname: The Beaver State

A craze for beaver fur hats in eastern US cities caused much of the initial exploration of Oregon. Fur trappers blazed what would later be known as the Oregon Trail, and these mountain men enjoyed profits from the many beavers found in Oregon's streams. Settlers soon pioneered their way west, and Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859.

From Mt Hood rising to 11,235 feet to the rocky Oregon coast, a beautiful and varied landscape contributes to the state's character. Forests of Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, and western hemlock thrive in the coastal climates west of the Cascade Range, while ponderosa pine trees furnish the desert's horizon in Oregon's southeastern regions. Between the Coast Range and the Cascades, the beautiful Willamette Valley produces vegetables, flowers, and many other fruits. The valley is well-suited to growing berries and grapes, and is specially noted for its raspberry crop. Agriculture, timber, electronics, and tourism are all main ingredients for Oregon's economy.

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