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Capital: Salt Lake City
Abbreviations: UT (postal), Ut.
Area: 84,904 square miles
State Bird: California Gull
State Tree: Blue Spruce
State Flower: Sego Lily
State Motto: Industry
Nickname: The Beehive State

Located on the high desert of western United States, Utah is a land of dramatic natural beauty. Originally inhabited by Ute, Shoshone, and Paiute Native Americans, Utah's rugged and deserted lands drew Mormons and miners during the mid-1800s. Brigham Young and his followers settled around Great Salt Lake, and many Mormons still live in the Salt Lake City area. On January 4, 1896, Utah became the 45th state.

Outdoor activities draw many visitors to Utah. The Wasatch Mountains run down the middle of the state, where their isolated peaks offer habitats for elk, moose, and mountain lions. During the snowy winter months, their slopes attract both skiers and snowboarders. The Green River and Colorado River in the southeast run through a barren, sparsely-inhabited land of sagebrush flats and red-rock canyons. Several well-known National Parks, including Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, and Zion, are located in southern Utah. In the north, the Great Salt Lake is prized for its high salt content, minerals, and islands. Utah's spectacular mountain, desert, and water landscapes draw tourists and photographers from all over the world.

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