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Bryce Canyon National Park is best known for its hoodoos.  These tall, narrow, irregular spires of sandstone rock are more plentiful here than anywhere else in the world.  This park is ideal for auto touring; major overlooks are located just off Highways 12 and 63, the main roads through the park.  Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration, and Bryce Points overlook Bryce Amphitheater, an awe-inspiring expanse of pink cliffs, castles, and hoodoos.  At sunrise and sunset, the rock is lit into explosive color by the changing light.  For those who want to get up close to the scenery, multiple hiking trails enable visitors to descend into the amphitheater.  A trail also loops through Fairyland Canyon, a vast field of hoodoos.  Fairyland Point overlooks this canyon and Boat Mesa.

Bryce Canyon Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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Bryce Canyon