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Zion National Park


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Zion, the oldest national park in Utah, is famous for its sandstone canyons.  The area most heavily used by Zion's nearly 3 million annual visitors is Zion Canyon.  Shuttle buses run from here to major sites throughout the canyon, including the Patriarchs and Great White Throne monoliths.  Visitors can stay in the heart of the canyon at Zion Lodge, hiking to the Emerald Pools from here.  Further into the park, Angels Landing offers spectacular views for those brave enough to dare the trail with its 2000-foot sheer drop-offs.  The Narrows follows the Virgin River; hikers spend a lot of time wading along this trail, which is refreshingly cool in the hot summers.  For a different but equally beautiful view of the park, Kolob Canyons is alive with diverse wildlife including mule deer, eagles, and mountain lions.

Zion National Park
Zion National Park, Utah

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Zion National Park